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Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
about our failure to create jobs at home. and and what he has to say about inner city decay and he blames the lack of vision in washington, d.c. find out what is up with another music icon, the grateful dead mickey hart. he talks about the impact of music, and how rhythm is direct directly affecting our brain. we'll show you mickey hart's brain. and why phil burns is back in the headlines. but first my interview with terry mcauliffe. >> gavin: what do you feel when you travel the rest of the world. what is your sense of the economic shift occurring. >> well, that's a good question, and i do feel better than i did six months ago. i feel the fundmentals around the world. i feel that europe is getting better. we all should be concerned about what is happening in china. china as we know it today may not be in the same place ten years from now. there is tremendous issues going on with their leadership. people are getting restless, they're manipulating their currency. china could not be the same. that could be a huge economic impact. we're out of this huge horrible recession, we'r
Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm PDT
dosing technology from the medical city for an innovating dispenser. we had worked together and we knew that dean was working to create this unit that can make, as he says, a thousand liters of fresh drinking water out of any water using less than--less power than a hand-held hair dryer. that was key. we looked at it and then decided to take some of these units and pilot them in 2011 in africa. we did pilot them in ghana and learned a lot from that experience together. then we said let's make it smaller, lighter more versatile, more flexible, and now we have units that are much, much smaller that can really be portable and work really well. but i just want to stress one thing. what we're doing here is the notion of helping a billion people that don't have access to clean drinking water is a great noble cause. we're very proud and really excited to be part of creating these sustainable communities that are not sustaining because of lack of water. but this project is actually has even wider applications. think of the units as small kiosks small 10 10- or 20-maritime containers to house th
Oct 19, 2012 11:00pm PDT
in kansas city, and it's creating in the range of 16,000 jobs in south africa when they built that. we're on a commercial basis. we care about american jobs, but we're creating a lot of good jobs and a lot of good will in country after country around the world. >> gavin: mr. chairman, thank you for coming on the show. >> thanks a lot. >> gavin: you would think it's obvious. of course we have to export products and grow markets around the world to participate in the global economy. fled fred's mission is to finance small business and help them grow. it has to be the core of our economic policy. in nicholas kristof's view of the world it's inspiring. he notes we're making progress despite gloomy headlines from everything in violent conflicts and climate change. yet there is so much work that needs to be done. we need moil makers and business owners to work together in public and private sectors and we need to see what works and what doesn't. i endorsed a california ballot initiative that could close $1 billion tax loophole in our state. if passed in november, the california clean energy
Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
best. his students in his new york city classroom ran short of supplies. so he set up a website and changed forever how people can get involved in funding public schools. >> gavin: everyone who knows me knows what a big fan i am of donor's choose. and for those who could not know donor and know what you are about give us a quick overview of what donors choose. >> i was a history teacher at a high school in the bronx for five years. i saw thigh students go without the materials and experiences that they needed for a good education, and with the help of those same students i created this website donor as , which is a simple way for anyone to help a classroom in need. public school teachers all across the country post classroom project requests, and then donors can choose the project they want to support see how their dollars are being spent and see the impact in photographs and thank you letters that the classroom sends them. >> this is an important point. if you make a contribution to donor's choose, you know you've made it directly because the classroom it
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4